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Fishing Rules

We want you to enjoy fishing in our lake but for your safety, and the safety of our other guests and wildlife, please read the following rules before fishing:

  • Fishing is only allowed off the platforms
  • 3 rod maximum limit per swim with the relevant EA Licence
  • Please stick to your swim, do not fish into other peoples area
  • Do not leave unattended rods in the water at any time
  • Nets and equipment must be clean and dry, please use the dip if provided
  • Large nets (42″) and large unhooking mats only to be used when fishing for carp
  • When handling fish do so to ensure the fish are kept close to the ground, e.g. from a kneeling position. A fall from height will injure and even kill a fish
  • Minimum 10lb line to be used when fishing for carp
  • Use only micro barbed when fishing for carp or barbless hooks when fishing for silvers and other species
  • No fixed rigs, in the event of a break the fish must be able to drop the lead – checks will be carried out
  • Lead core and braided mainlines are permitted however care must be taken to protect the fish from any mainline, e.g. coated leaders or tubing must be used at a minimum of 12″ to prevent scales being lifted during the landing when fishing for carp
  • Minimal ground baiting , a guide would be 3kg per day per swim in Summer and 1kg in Winter
  • Bait boats are permitted
  • Children under 18 must be supervised by a responsible and competent adult at all times
  • All carp must be returned to the water using a sling or similar and in good time
  • Night fishing by prior arrangement only
  • No swimming allowed
  • Do not touch the electric fence around the lake
  • No litter to be left, a charge will apply if cleaning is required
  • Please us the toilets in your accommodation
  • Dogs to be tethered at all times and kept within your swim area, clean up after your dog and take it home with you
  • No playing of music or other loud noise

Please clean up after yourself, respect nature and be considerate to other fishermen and guests

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