03 Jun 2021

“On white horses” at Adsborough House Stables.

Guest reviews are always welcome, and probably the best first hand information you can get!

The following review was penned by young guest Annabelle who had a great day out horse trekking with

But don’t take if from me, read for yourself!


My name is Annabel Rose Holdridge. I am seven years old. Me and my sister love going horse riding but we have only been three times. Let me tell you about the latest one. Me and my sister Madeleine went horse riding at Adsborough House in Somerset England. My horse was called Frisbee and Madeleine’s was called Matilda. The teachers were called Jade and Terese and they were very nice. I also went with my Nana, my grandad, my mum and my dad. The horses were beautiful and sweet.

Fantastic write up Annabel, good job, where next?


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