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Accessible & Inclusive Mill Meadow

We are continually working towards being as accessible and inclusive as possible for all our guests, but particularly for guests with specific needs. If you have additional needs, please read our Access Statement and let us know if you have any requirements.

With this in mind we value and welcome the guidance of Compass Disability Services, a Taunton based organisation. We also value the feedback of our guests to help us improve.

We are just at the beginning of this journey but we believe we are making progress!

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Everyone is Welcome

We have long exclaimed that Mill Meadow has “something for everyone” but like many we have been ignorant of just who “everyone” is.

Recently we met with Chris Baker of LGBGT Travel Club and suddenly realised that although we have and have always wanted Mill Meadow to be accessible to all we may have unknowingly and/or unintentionally fallen short in getting the right message out there.

So when Chris Baker told us about his “Everyone is Welcome” project we knew we wanted to be involved.

This project is about letting every potential guest know that what our regulars call the “Mill Meadow experience” is and will always be for everyone and “Everyone is Welcome”.

"Blown Away"

Jasmine, who uses a wheelchair, and her partner Luke have visited Mill Meadow on several occasions, and have stayed in Kingfisher Lodge. We were delighted when during one of their visits Luke decided to pop the question.

Do you get frustrated when you find a beautiful destination that you’d like to visit, but due to a disability you struggle for this to be achievable? If so, please keep reading…

I live in Somerset, and for 8 years I have never found a lodge that’s wheelchair accessible that was until I came across Mill Meadow, near Taunton Somerset.  My first ever stay, I was blown away (I didn’t mean to make that rhyme!).

Do you use a portable hoist that needs to slide under the bed? Mill Meadow have it sorted! All of the beds have plenty of access underneath in order for this to be as easy as possible!

Although there is no hoist available at Mill Meadow there is enough room for yourself, and all of your equipment! I couldn’t believe how much space we had. I struggle to find short breaks like this, with a wet room. Well, you should see Mill Meadow’s, their lodges are huge!  

Mill Meadow have a variety of accessible lodges, but “Kingfisher Lodge” is the one I have stayed in and believe me, I will be returning! This lodge has a hot tub built into the decking, so it makes transfers easier to get in and out! I’m lucky enough that my fiancé lifts me into this hot-tub. In fact we got engaged at Mill Meadow it was so beautiful. 

Mill Meadow also have a lake on their land, which has a fishing platform for wheelchair users and level areas around the lake for ease of access.. With a BBQ, in the summertime this is the place to be!

I promise you, you will not be disappointed, the staff will go out of their way to help. Suzanne and Chris are great hosts, and even make homemade flapjacks for your stay!”

Relaxing and Healing

Mill Meadow offers a chance to escape and recover from the pressures of everyday life and The OCD Treatment Center, run by mother and son Sharon and Craig, agree with us!

Since finding Mill Meadow in 2018, the pair have booked our lodges for their UK and overseas clients on numerous occasions.

Sharon and Craig find the environment of our lodges and grounds an ideal setting to deliver their therapies:

“There is such a natural and calming atmosphere at Mill Meadow which allows our clients to relax and gain the most they can from our sessions. Our clients benefit so much from the beautiful environment of Mill Meadow during their intensive treatment. The setting compliments the therapy and provides a safe relaxing environment for the clients recovery. It’s a great pleasure indeed to have found Chris and Suzanne, and the stunning setting of Mill Meadow. We are now both avid Mill Meadow fans and look forward to continuing to use the lodges for our intensive treatment program.”

Compass Disability Services

Taunton-based charity Compass Disability Services provide valuable support to the local community. This support is also accessible to all of our guests.

The Compass team provides a range of services including access to their hydrotherapy pool, shop mobility, cafe, timetabled sessions in a range of relevant areas and a host of other services that can been viewed on their website.

So if you are visiting Mill Meadow, you can be guaranteed of excellent local support!


Equipment Hire


Hickley’s Healthcare 

Castle Street, Tangier,

Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4AU

Tel. 01823 328555



Mobility Hire

Tel. 0800 111 6234



Horizon Mobility

Tel. 01684 275626



Taunton Red Cross Mobility Aids

Tel. 01823 273746


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