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Mill Meadow Mindfulness and Reflective Walking

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Take a minute to consider…

How often do you find yourself racing from one place to another without noticing the environment around you?

How often do you stop, pause and breathe in the fresh air of the countryside, notice the smell of the bracken and the feel of the wind on your skin?

How often when walking is your head so full of to-do lists and endless thinking that you cannot remember most of the walk?

Why not join me on a focussed walk on the beautiful Quantock Hills where the emphasis is on each step of the journey, noticing the landscape and allowing plenty of time for mindful reflection. This is an opportunity to leave the stressors of everyday life behind (and mobile phones silent in pockets) and enjoy time in nature.

Walks will usually be around two hours with the focus on the joy of being outside in nature whatever the weather.

Being outside in nature is an excellent opportunity to recharge and reconnect.

Given that the focus is on each individual being able to focus on their own experience without having to any other responsibilities it will not be possible
to bring very young children or four legged members of the family.

For further details contact Linda at

5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing

  1. Connect with other people…good relationships are important for your mental wellbeing. …what better way than to make new friends whilst walking
  2. Be physically active… being active is not only great for your physical health and fitness. …and it does not have to be hard work
  3. Learn new skills… experience mother nature and learn about the countryside
  4. Give to others… invite a friend to walk with you, they may need it just the same or more than you do.
  5. Pay attention to the present moment (mindfulness)… stop and take in all that is around you and see so much more.

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I am a casual walker, will this be suitable for me

Walks are available for everyone, contact Linda to discuss the opportunities.


Can I bring my dog on a mindfulness walk?

These walks are all about focussing on nature and what is around us so we need to remove as many distractions as possible. As much as we all love our digs they are best left at home so we can focus.

Are these walks suitable for children?

This really depends on the child and if they able to focus to get the most benefit. Please discuss this with Linda.


We had a wonderful walk at Dead Woman's Ditch, scenic, tranquil and on so closer.


Linda is the perfect guide, she encourages you to focus on what is around you to get the real benefit so expect to turn off your phone!


We away for less than 3 hours in total but felt relaxed and refreshed. Beautiful scenery and Linda has great knowledge to share. We had lots to talk about whilst soaking in the hot tub back at our lodge. A great way to spend an afternoon.


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