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Covid Compliance

Mill Meadow has long been a safe and secure place to be.

In a Covid 19 world we are working hard to make Mill Meadow Covid Compliant to continue to provide as safe an environment as is reasonably possible for Owners, Staff, Guests, Contractors, Suppliers and all other visitors.

Not only will there be a legal requirement but we all owe this to the many who have been involved in the fight against Covid 19 and to those who have lost that fight, their families and friends.

We have brought together best practice from all suitable sources to put in place the best measures we can at Mill Meadow.

We all recognise that Coronavirus has necessitated a “new normal” but Mill Meadow has maintained its core values and through careful and stringent processes remains able to offer a high quality experience allowing for the creation of more “Mill Meadow Memories”.

In all of this please stay safe and well!

Chris Heayns

General Manager, Mill Meadow

Latest review 22.10.21

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5.7.20 – Privacy notice for maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace

5.7.20 – Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)


The Mill Meadow Family

Mill Meadow is a collection of like minded owners who continue to come together to offer a high quality and as safe as possible experience.

Whilst there may be some small variances and unique personal touches from each owner the overall guest journey is build around some key core values and outwardly looks much the same.

The Mill Meadow Family Tree

The family…

Mill Meadow (Taunton) Management Co Ltd is responsible for overall site management of common spaces and works with and supports individual owners to ensure compliance.

Mill Meadow Eco Homes is the online portal available for owners to arrange bookings with their guests and to promote the “Mill Meadow” experience.

Accommodation is privately and individually owned and serviced by its owner. Individual owners will have their own property specific documentation and processes built around  shared values so that the overall experience is consistent.

Owners provide their own cleaning and other contractors who largely work to common principles although there may variances from property to property.

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Covid 19 Compliant - The Process

A risk assessment has been prepared using current information of COVID-19 controls in circulation at the date of issue/review. We have worked to identify the hazards from COVID-19 that are the priorities in Mill Meadow and its properties.

This assessment is completed alongside HSE Working Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak – A Short Guide and is reviewed and amended against new government guidance as and when this is released.

Additional hazards may also be included.

We recognised that accommodation should not open without confirmation from HMGov as to do so would not just be breaking the law (if providing overnight accommodation for non-key workers) but would also have been irresponsible.

Re-opening is only permitted by meeting the Government Guidelines<> and having a Risk Assessment in place relevant to reflect the current HMGov guidance e.g. 2 metre Social Distancing.

We recognise there may be a need to lock down at any time dependent on any emerging medical, clinical or scientific evidence regarding the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Compliance has materially change the ‘normal’ product offering and/or normal service offered by Mill Meadow and its property owners.

Some owners may make the decision to delay opening because of this or to operate differently.

Local Authorities will carry out spot checks regarding the necessary Risk Assessments being in place, follow up any public concerns and provide additional support.

Covid Compliance is essential to support business in the creation and management of as SAFE an environment as is reasonably possible. The Mill Meadow Family is committed to Covid Compliance. 

Aside from the clear safety motivation our Insurers expect businesses to be and continue to remain compliant with existing legal obligations, specifically the duty imposed on all employers by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and others affected by their operations.

In order to demonstrate this duty of care has been fulfilled, employers must be able to evidence that the actions taken to control the risks to health, safety and welfare are reasonably practicable, in other words the balance between the benefits of risk reduction on the one hand, outweigh the time, effort and cost of the control measures on the other.

The risk assessment should clearly show that, on the balance of all considerations, the controls implemented reduce the risk as low as reasonably practical. This evidence, in the form of a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, is crucial in the defence of an insurance claim for personal injury or illness or intervention by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or other regulatory authority



Covid Compliance - The Documentation

There is a considerable amount of essential documentation to support achieving a Covid Compliant Mill Meadow.

Index of Covid Compliant Documentation:

Ref 3 Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for accommodation providers – GOV.UK​

Document Ref Document Content Reviewed Notes:


Covid 19 Risk Assessment  20.2.21


Under daily review
MM0 Action Plan  Daily
MM1 V2 5 Steps to Working Safely  20.2.21  
MM2 V2 Building Services and Utilities Checklist 20.2.21  
MM3 V2 Cleaning and Personal Hygiene Checklist 20.2.21  
MM4 V2 Covid 19 Daily Control Checks 20.2.21  
MM5 V2 Guest Checklist 20.2.21  
MM6 V2


Legionella Checklist 20.2.21  
MM7 V2 Personal Protective Equipment Overview 20.2.21  
MM8 V2 Site Plan 20.2.21  
MM9 V2 Staff Checklist 20.2.21  
MM10 V2 Staff Handbook 20.2.21  
MM11 V2 Travel to/from Mill Meadow 20.2.21  
MM12 V2 Visitor Guide 20.2.21  
MM13 V2 Work Area Checklist 20.2.21  
MM14 V2 Returning to Workplace Audit 20.2.21  
MM15 Rev 2  Waste & Recycling 20.2.21  
Reference Documents:

Ref 1- BBFA-Covid-19-Toolkit-v1

    Supplementary to HMGov guidance
Ref 2- Legionnaires_disease_-_Lockdown_risks_and_reopening_safely    
Ref 3 Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for accommodation providers – GOV.UK    
Ref 4 PASC – Cleaning Protocols for Self-Catering Properties

Ref 5 – BSI Standards COVID-19 Response – PPE _ BSI

Ref 6 SDS Endosan 5

Ref 7 SDS Endosan 03-V2.1-En


Covid Compliant - Essential Changes

Under the “new normal” here is a quick reference list of some of the key changes to achieve a safer Mill Meadow experience for our guests:

  • Main entrance secure entry gate system
  • Entry of visitors and non residents strictly controlled
  • Delivery traffic reduced by main entrance secure parcel drop
  • Stringent cleaning, disinfection and house keeping regime
  • Guests temporarily required to provide own bedding, linen and towels (commercial laundries remain closed)
  • Paperless check in and departure
  • New waste and recycling processes to reduce contact with staff
  • Sanitised key transfer
  • Sanitiser stations at key points
  • New low contact Waste and Recycling process

Update 8.20

  • We now provide bedding and bed linen but guests are please required to provide their own bath and hot tub towels and tea towels

Thank you to our amazing suppliers...

Without the support of our AMAZING suppliers this process would be even more challenging so just have to give them a mention:

Covid Signage:

Ian at Media Mill has been amazing helping us with the more personalised signs that we need and just cannot get from larger online sources.

Cleaning & Disinfection:

John at Sand Lizard Technical Solutions  who has both supplied us and also trained Joe and I so we can effectively “fog” the lodges to maintain a high level of disinfection as a key part of our new cleaning regime.

Click here for more on our work with John and the Sand Lizard Technical process.


Regency Purchasing Group, Thanks to Jordan and Kamila.


Nev at Imprints, always a star when it comes to staff clothing and a great help now that our staff need to have a good supply of clean work clothing so they can change between lodges to help reduce the risk of transmission during cleaning.

Entrance Gates:

Arthur of AMP Electrics, always reliable, and Andrew, Justin & Cory of A Door Solutions of Taunton.

Finally a massive thank you to our housekeeping team, they have worked so hard throughout to help keep Mill Meadow as safe as it can be.

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