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Mill Meadow Lake & Wildlife

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Our lake is a valuable asset, a wildlife haven and the perfect place to unwind and discover the wonders of Mother Nature.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the water and watching the acrobatic swallows and house martins, as they swoop for flies and a drink. If you are lucky, you may even see a blue flash announcing the presence of the resident Kingfisher. As dusk falls, and it gets “dimpsey” (a Somerset expression for half-light), you can also spot bats flying in and out of the trees and we do have a a few bat detectors  of you want to listen to their chatter!

There is a healthy stock of coarse fish that provides a varied challenge but always with some success.

As a designated wildlife quiet area, we work hard to protect the flora and fauna we have some do’s and don’ts which you can read below.


Be aware that the lake area is enclosed by fencing that has two strands of electrified wire to protect the lake wildlife from predators. The fence is well signed warning of the risk of electric shock so please ensure that you avoid contact with the electrified strands.

Please also ensure that you close the gate on entering and leaving the lake area.


Flora & Fauna

We are developing this section so thank you for your patience.

We will have a section on each aspect of flora and fauna at Mill Meadow and maybe even a live cam, watch this space!!

When can I access the lake area?

For safety reasons the lake can only be accessed form dawn till dusk.

Is there a lifebelt?

There are two lifebelts is located at the lake.

Is there anything else I need to know about the lake area?

Please do not leave litter or any foreign material in or around the lake

Please keep noise to a minimum for the benefit of other guests and our neighbours

Sorry no ball games in the lake area and No Swimming

Are the any areas that are not open?

Some areas are not open for safety or wildlife reasons so please do not pass any “Private” signs.

Can children use the lake area?

Children are very welcome in the lake area but must be accompanied by an adult at all times for safety reasons.

Can we picnic by the lake?

Yes of course but please do not take anything glass into the lake area, accidents happen and broken glass is a danger to all.

Seeing the Kingfisher was an amazing experience, my first time.


The children loved feeding the fish and ducks, it became a daily routine.


I was amazed at the variety of birds at Mill Meadow, a testament to the varied habitat they have created.


Watching the bees and bugs go in and out of the bug hotel was real escapism.


Bat Detecting at dusk was such a wonderful thing to do. Having them fly so close overhead was magical.


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