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Mill Meadow Owning Your Own Lodge

Mill Meadow Eco Homes are manufactured in Finland using the highest quality, slow grown timber with the most advanced manufacturing and construction methods in Europe. Combine this with the latest in cutting edge Carbon Neutral Technologies, options on luxury fixtures and finishes, unlimited occupancy all year round and you have the perfect solution for the holiday/second home. The added benefit is that as an investment, professional sources and our booking history indicate a return is achievable.

We will work closely with you to help you get the holiday home you want!

  1. Visit Mill Meadow for a personal tour of the site and to choose your plot and model of house. A non refundable deposit of £1800 ex vat where applicable, is payable at this point, this will be allowed for against the purchase price of your plot.
  2. When you’ve made your decision, a contract will be drawn up for the freehold of your chosen plot. Plots are offered as bare land and fully serviced with the site utilities.
  3. With your model of house and plot chosen, we will sit work with you to design your customised interior to suit your needs and tastes (subject to any necessary planning approvals).
  4. We will then produce finished drawings of your home. The drawings will require your signature before manufacture can commence.
  5. Our experienced contractors are available to undertake the construction of your new lodge or you can appoint your own contractors.

Why build in wood?

"Desk to Door in 90 minutes"

“Did you know that I can leave my desk in Reading, sprint to platform 7 at the train station for the 16.29, and if Mrs G has got the engine running when she picks me up in Taunton, I can be at Mill Meadow, desk to door in 90 minutes. That even includes a sneaky beer on the train and a quick stop to pick up a pre-ordered fish supper – what a treat!”


Worry free Ownership

Maintenance of your individual Mill Meadow Eco Holiday Home could not be easier with each property design to be as low maintenance as possible.

When maintenance is required a comprehensive service is available to keep your property in good order ready for your visits or guests.

This is a fully flexible service so you can add on or remove services should your circumstances change.

Site Management

Mill Meadow (Taunton) Management Company Ltd is the designated site manager and determines the site policies/rules that are published on this website.

Maintenance of shared areas and services is covered by an annual Service Charge.

View the Mill Meadow Family Tree for further information on the relationships between the various parties.

Letting your Lodge

You are free to make your own arrangements for the letting of your lodge or join the Mill Meadow Eco Homes family and share the benefits of being represented on this web site.

Mill Meadow Eco Homes is a recognised and high quality brand with extensive experience and an excellent rating with guests.

By listing a lodge on this website owners agree to be bound by Our Terms & Conditions with Property Owners.

Owners Terms & Conditions with Guests

Where no Terms & Conditions have been provided to us Owners agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Mill Meadow Eco Homes.

Business Rates and HMRC

Owners and prospective owners are advised to take appropriate advice on the status of their property as a bonafide furnished holiday and qualification for business rates and rate relief.

Some useful references are:

Building with wood, better for the planet?

A craft which goes back a thousand years

The craft of log building has been evolving in the northern coniferous zone over a thousand years. Through the centuries log buildings have provided our ancestors protection against wind and weather. Nowadays log building know-how is state of the art in Finland. Excellent raw materials, design skills founded on a strong tradition of log building and strong technological know-how have made Finland the world leader in log construction quality. Finnish log construction quality criteria have become a model for quality requirements in other parts of the world. Finland is the world’s leading export country for industrially produced log houses. We are proud of our know-how.

Log construction is part of the Finnish economy

Few products today are so Finnish and well worth the Finnish key flag mark as a log cabin. In practice, all the necessary construction parts are manufactured in Finland by Finns. Log house factories are an important source of employment in many small towns and they are their area’s export company.

Sustainable development

Log house production is energy self-sufficient, and even produces more energy than it uses, because the production process generates more energy waste by-product than it takes to manufacture the product itself. The resulting chips and sawdust are just that renewable energy, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and replacing imported energy.

Proven healthy indoor air

According to several studies and surveys, residents of log houses are satisfied with the quality of indoor air.  You can explore the study results in the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) report published in 2012: Housing health and satisfaction in log houses

Log buildings last

It is no coincidence that very old log buildings can often be seen in rural areas. The oldest still standing log building in Finland is thought to be St. Henry’s Chapel in Kokemäki, built in the 1400s. In the same way, a log building built today can be standing 500 years from now.

Industrial manufacturing has standardised quality and enables rapid construction

Log construction excellence has been perfected as a result of years and years of craftsmanship. In industrial manufacturing of all of these proven solutions and features have been processed into more dimensionally accurate and consistent quality products. Industrial manufacturing guarantees a good cost-effectiveness, security of supply and rapid construction.


Source: Finnish Log House Industry



Questions & Answers.

Are the properties freehold or leasehold?

Mill Meadow properties are all freehold, so there are no annual leasehold payments to budget for.

How many plots are there?

The Mill Meadow site accommodates 21 properties in total.

There is a site plan at the foot of this page.

What house types/designs are available?

There are three approved designs under the current planning permission, click below for more information.

Planning & Design Information

Changes to the approved designs would require approval by the Management Company and Planning Authority.


What is the build time?

There are a number of factors that will affect the build time e.g. weather, season and specification but as a guide 8-10 months from the arrival of the house structure onsite.

What are the build costs for each design?

Each lodge is built to order and therefore specifications can and do vary.

With that in mind and in the current economic climate (May 2023) with rapidly changing supply markets we can only provide indicative cost ranges for the construction of each house type which are subject to review and do not constitute any form of offer:

2 Bed – £300 – £350,000

3 Bed – £350 – £400,000

4 Bed – £400 – £450,000

All figures are ex vat and exclude the land cost.

Are there any service charges and what are these?

Each property is required to contribute to the Management Company costs via an annual Estimated Service Charge (ESC).

This is currently at £1800 per annum for 2023/24.

Where there are unforeseen costs that have not been provided for in the ESC then an Additional Estimated Service Charge can be applied.

What is the rental income for a house over a year?

Much depends on how and where the accommodation is marketed and how much personal use is taken by an owner.

Click for more information: Indicative Rental Income


What the occupancy rates like over each season?

Click for more information: Indicative Rental Income

Can I live at Mill Meadow all year round?

Mill Meadow is open 365 days a year, we have no closed season, as there is always something going on around us.

However Mill Meadow properties cannot be occupied as you would a normal residential house as they are for tourism.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique and for that reason we advise that you take your own professional advice but we have available some general advice which you are welcome to consider, click this link for more:

Planning Opinion 2013

In simple terms Mill Meadow properties should be occupied for tourism purposes only and should not be occupied as a person’s sole or main residence.

Are there lodges available to buy now?

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