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Mill Meadow Lodges & Cottages Fishing Holidays

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Your Luxurious Somerset Fishing Holiday Lodge with Private Lake.

A private and gated community of spacious, light filled Scandinavian self catering log cabins and traditional cottages with easy access to a well stocked private fishing.

Our guests consider Mill Meadow a premier destination for fishing holiday accommodation in Somerset.

Located in countryside with its own private fishing lake, on the edge of the village of Kingston St Mary at the foot of the tranquil and unspoilt Quantock Hills and close to the county town of Taunton, Mill Meadow is the perfect rural fishing destination for all abilities and as a base from which to enjoy a wealth of activities and places of interest across Somerset & Devon.

Sea and river fishing is available nearby for a really varied fishing holiday experience.

A warm welcome and personal service awaits to help you to get the most from your fishing break in Somerset and enjoy all that this beautiful part of the West Country has to offer.

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  • Mill Meadow offers luxury cottages and lodges with hot tubs in Somerset with private fishing available at no extra charge.
  • We ask that you have a Rod Fishing Licence for fishing in England, Click here to purchase your licence.
  • If you are new to fishing we ask that for the wellbeing of the fish and so that you can get the best start to their fishing experience you book an “Introduction to Fishing” session with visiting coach Martin.
  • You will be able to take your initial session with Martin without a Rod Fishing Licence but if you want to continue to fish at Mill Meadow you will have to purchase a licence.
  • We have rods and nets available to hire.
What fish are in the Mill Meadow lake?

Our lake is well stocked with a variety of coarse fish, including:

  • Tench
  • Rudd
  • Roach
  • Silver Bream
  • Chub
  • Carp (common, mirror and grass)
  • Perch
  • Gudgeon
  • Eel
How big are the fish?

Chub and Carp sizes range between 5 and 20 lb with Tench and the remainder up to 2 lb.

The largest Eel landed so far has been 28″.

Do I need to reserve a "swim"?

Fishing our lake is reserved for guests so we do not pre book “swims” instead we rely on guests sharing the available space in a good natured way.

How do I book a fishing lesson with Martyn?

To contact Martin and arrange your session, please text 07887 594279 or email:

Are there Do's and Don'ts when fishing at Mill Meadow?

We want you to enjoy fishing in our lake but for your safety, and the safety of our other guests and wildlife, please read the following before fishing:

  • Fishing is only allowed off the platforms
  • 3 rod maximum limit per swim with the relevant EA Licence
  • Please stick to your swim, do not fish into other peoples area
  • Do not leave unattended rods in the water at any time
  • Nets and equipment must be clean and dry, please use the dip if provided
  • Large nets (42″) and large unhooking mats only to be used when fishing for carp
  • When handling fish do so to ensure the fish are kept close to the ground, e.g. from a kneeling position. A fall from height will injure and even kill a fish
  • Minimum 10lb line to be used when fishing for carp
  • Use only barbless hooks
  • No fixed rigs, in the event of a break the fish must be able to drop the lead – checks will be carried out
  • Lead core and braided mainlines are permitted however care must be taken to protect the fish from any mainline, e.g. coated leaders or tubing must be used at a minimum of 12″ to prevent scales being lifted during the landing when fishing for carp
  • Minimal ground baiting , a guide would be 3kg per day per swim in Summer and 1kg in Winter
  • Bait boats are permitted
  • Children under 18 must be supervised by a responsible and competent adult at all times
  • All carp must be returned to the water using a sling or similar and in good time
  • Night fishing by prior arrangement only
  • No swimming allowed
  • Do not touch the electric fence around the lake
  • No litter to be left, a charge will apply if cleaning is required
  • Please us the toilets in your accommodation
  • Dogs to be tethered at all times and kept within your swim area, clean up after your dog and take it home with you
  • No playing of music or other loud noise

Please clean up after yourself, respect nature and be considerate to other fishermen and guests

What is the best way to handle fish on the bank?

To reduce stress to the fish essential that all are handled correctly when being landed. whilst in the bank and when bring returned to the water.

Click here for more on handling carp on the bank


Where are the local fishing shops?
I have another question...

Fishing Lessons:

Our friend Martin Baldock, a well known local football referee and cricketer (ask him about his 2000 wickets!), is a very keen and experienced fisherman.

Subject to availability Martin can be available to give guidance to the novice. He can also be on hand to exchange ideas with the more experienced angler so we can ensure the best possible experience for our guests and importantly the welfare of our fish.

Meet Martin your visiting Fishing Coach

“My dad took me fishing as a boy, for which I have fond memories, but unfortunately his knowledge of fishing was as much as mine and we learnt as we went, making many silly errors along the way.

Over the years I have learned an immeasurable number of tips essential to the art of fishing and my passion now is to share information to ensure that the fish are well looked after. I have helped many young people to fish in an appropriate manner, looking after the fish at all times. Barbless hooks have been a major breakthrough, but tying them properly so that they don’t come undone and stay in the fish’s mouth is so important.

Mill Meadow is the perfect environment to learn how to fish and I am delighted to be able to help them to do everything possible, to ensure the welfare of the fish in their care.

I look forward to spending many happy hours helping guests to enjoy their experience at Mill Meadow passing on the necessary skills to enjoy fishing for life as I continue to do.”

To contact Martin and arrange your session, please text 07887 594279 or email:

Martin thank you so very much for today! Both boys went to bed chattering about the fish they had caught today and how amazing the lesson was, and very excited about the prospect of more fishing tomorrow! We went back this evening with some bread and caught two fish but we can all see the allure of maggots! Will head to the angling shop first thing! .


Thanks again for such an informative and fun afternoon, and for all your encouragement with the boys – you were so lovely with them


My wife and I and another couple stayed for a week at a Kingfisher lodge. The accommodation was excellent and we were made very welcome by Suzanne and Chris and all the other staff, nothing was too much for them to attend to any queries we had. The fishing on the lake, just a minute’s walk from the lodge was great, and two of us caught some decent fish throughout the week. There’s plenty of places to visit nearby, a lovely pub close by, great fish and chips just down the road, and the complex is very dog friendly. Really relaxing break and a big thank you to Suzanne and Chris and the staff.


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