17 Feb 2023

Covid 19 Update – Staying Safer in 2023

Life seems to have returned to “normal” as we look around at everyday life which is encouraging, but there are many who remain vulnerable not just to Covid 19 but to all manner of infections and for some it is still a serious risk.

“Everyone is Welcome” at Mill Meadow and all of our guests should be able to feel safe and secure whilst spending their valuable holiday time with us.

Thankfully, we have been able to control Covid 19 at Mill Meadow and at the same time we have learnt that the enhanced cleaning can also  reduce the risks from other viral and bacterial infections.

Therefore, whilst we are now stopping routine “fogging” we are offering this service as an on request option to all guests at no extra charge for the remainder of 2023.

So when Suzanne, Guest Liaison, calls you just let her know your wishes or click through Manage My Booking and leave us a message.

We want you to relax and enjoy your time with us and for many feeling safer and secure is an essential part of a happy holiday.