19 Feb 2021

COVID 19 Update – Staycation/UK Travel Insurance


Image Credit Gabby K/Pexels

After more than a year living with COVID 19 and all of our lives remain very different with Coronavirus/COVID now a recognisable risk and a part of our everyday “new normal”. As we all look forward to unlock here at Mill Meadow we are understandably receiving a good number of questions from concerned guests around our Terms & Conditions and in particular “what if” in the event of cancellations.

Mill Meadow will continue to take our fair share of the risk and standby our commitment to follow CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) guidance on good practice which requires that a contract for the supply of services and its terms and conditions be fair and reasonable for all parties.

Throughout the pandemic our Terms & Conditions have been continuously and carefully reviewed in line with CMA guidance and we will continue to work with guests to understand and accommodate any changes in circumstance.

However we all need to take into consideration that many of the everyday risks involved with Coronavirus/COVID are now insurable.

The days when UK travel was understandably considered less of a risk have gone as the facts dictate that Coronavirus/COVID, and potentially other similar challenges, will become part of our future and “new normal” and require a change in how we all view the risks around holidays within the UK.

It is for that reason that when booking a Mill Meadow property our Guests are strongly recommended to consider UK travel insurance.

Mill Meadow offers an insurance option at the point of booking from a third party provider, Booking Protect. But there are many alternatives and this link may provide some helpful information Coronavirus travel insurance: who will cover me?

If guests choose not to take out UK travel insurance then it is reasonable that they accept responsibility for any uninsured loss that they may incur due to their cancellation.

Our latest Terms & Conditions, including specific CORONAVIRUS ADDITIONAL TERMS can be viewed at https://millmeadow.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/

Chris Heayns

General Manager