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Mill Meadow Crafting & Creative Holidays

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Crafting helps with relaxation and overall wellbeing.

With the help of paper, scissors, markers, and other art supplies, people can improve their mood, and this can positively affect other aspects of life.


Reasons to Get Crafting

  • Crafting can help you to concentrate on what’s in front of you and distract you from the stresses and anxieties that can result from everyday pressures and problems.
  • Self-expression increases our brain activity and so when we are creating we stimulate and exercise the brain.
  • Creating something by hand, whether it’s needle crafting, beading, woodwork instils a sense of accomplishment as we create and learn new skills.
  • Overall Crafting can contribute to our happiness, good health, and creativity and if we are happy, healthy and not stressed out we become more patient, generous and kind to others.

Just think what you can save if you can create all the birthday and seasonal cards you need and maybe even some gifts and how much more personal that would be.

Find out more at The Crafts Council

Meet Elaine our Crafty Creator!


Our longstanding very good friend Elaine is one of the most creative people we know and loves to pass on her skills and knowledge whenever she can and is available to put on Craft Workshops for guests at Mill Meadow.

Elaines passion for creating beautiful and practical objects from items that ordinarily would end up in the bin is infectious and what she produces is just amazing

We highly recommend one of Elaines courses where you will have loads of fun, recycle unwanted items and create something personal to take away or gift to a friend or loved one. Click here to see the full list of workshop options!

Guests of all ages always enjoy their time with Elaine.

Go on have a go you never know what undiscovered skills you may have.

We will be scheduling Craft Workshops from time-to-time, so keep an eye on our social media. You can also book private sessions directly with Elaine by emailing her at or calling her at 07306166257.



Jar Lanterns

Made from recycled glass jars decorated and transformed into lanterns to give your garden a magical feel.


The simple process of covering things with decorative paper with beautiful results!

Wood Block Printing

Transform plain fabric and paper into printed sustainable art including seasonal wrapping papers

Hand Stamped Cards - a truly personal gift

Click on the following to get a preview of the craft courses on offer at Mill Meadow!

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