22 Mar 2020

22.3.20 Covid 19 Update – Mill Meadow is closing to all non essential guests

23.3.30 – Updated

Following our decision below further guidance has now been issued and we will be in touch with affected guests asap.

We understand this guidance will be reviewed by HM Gov on a monthly basis and so currently affects bookings up to the end of April.

We will therefore be contacting guests on a rolling basis up to 11th June 2020.


Good afternoon friends

We have made the necessary decision to close Mill Meadow to all non essential guests with immediate effect and until 11th June 2020 unless advised otherwise.

Guests who are currently with us may complete their stay but leisure guests due to arrive after 12 midnight tonight are asked to avail themselves of our Temporary Amendments to our Terms and Conditions and plan to rebook their visit for a safer future date.

Travelling for leisure purposes is not essential and given our offer to rebook no financial loss will be incurred by guests.

If you feel your visit is essential please email me BEFORE travelling at chris@millmeadow.co.uk 

Like many rural locations our local resources are proportionally less than those in more densely populated areas and our emergency services will just not be able to cope with additional non essential visitors.

We will be turning our attention to using our accommodation to support our local community with a priority being given to key workers and those in urgent need.

After 15 years uninterrupted trading this is not an easy decision but the right one given the unusual times we are in.

Personally I like a fight but the best way to fight Covid 19 is to stop its transmission, don’t give it a free ride!

Stay home and #beatcovid19

However I am a glass half full person and I am determined we will come out of this the stronger and ready to extend our normal warm Somerset welcome to guests when the time comes.

We will still be busy, lodges to paint, maintenance to carryout and maybe even a build one of our new micro lodges…more to follow on that!

So please stay safe and well and also stay in touch, we will be posting on social media and even be available for a FaceTime chat if you are REALLY BORED!

If anyone wants my flapjack recipe let me know, last batch made today and a picture of the final few below.

We will be in contact with guests affected by this decision over the coming days.

Best wishes

Chris Heayns

General Manager