16 Apr 2024

Unlocking Adventure: Why Accessible Accommodation Matters

Travel broadens horizons, sparks curiosity, and creates lasting memories. But for many people with disabilities, these adventures can be hindered by a lack of accessible accommodation.  This isn’t just an inconvenience – it’s a barrier that excludes a whole segment of the population from the joys of travel.

Inclusive Travel: A Benefit for All

Accessible accommodations aren’t simply about ramps and wider doorways.  They’re about creating a space where everyone feels welcome and independent.  This includes features like wet rooms, roll-in showers, and accessible bathroom grab bars.  For guests with visual impairments, good lighting, clear signage, and braille can make a world of difference.

The benefits extend far beyond those who require accessibility features.  Think about families with young children who need wider doorways for pushchairs, or older guests who might appreciate a grab bar in the shower for added stability.  Accessible design creates a more inclusive and comfortable experience for everyone.

Mill Meadow: Accessible Lodges in Taunton

Nestled in the heart of Somerset, Mill Meadow in Taunton offers a perfect example of how beautiful and accessible accommodation can go hand-in-hand.  Here’s what makes us stand out:

  • Fully-equipped accessible rooms: Kingfisher and Woodpecker Lodges have ramps, grab rails and other accessibility aids available, as well as being dog friendly for your assistance companion.
  • Thoughtful design: Our Robins Lodge features a ground floor wheelchair accessible king bedroom and just across the hallway a spacious wet room  with open shower and a bath.
  • Relaxation for all: The on-site facilities, including Little Grebe, are accessible for everyone to enjoy.
  • Making more of the countryside: We work closely with the Countryside Mobility Hire Scheme to bring you more aids to access the great outdoors.

Beyond the Lodges: Exploring Taunton

Mill Meadow’s accessible location allows guests to explore the charming town of Taunton with ease.  Historic buildings, delightful cafes, and beautiful parks are all within reach. 

The popular Hestercombe Gardens have helpfully created an accessible route map for visitors using wheelchairs or mobility aids. They also have a disabled wet room. You can find out more about this on their website.

“We are delighted that the accessible toilet in Hestercombe House has now received accreditation as an official Changing Places Toilet.

A Changing Places toilet provides sanitary accommodation for people with multiple and complex disabilities who have one or two assistants with them.”

Accessibility is at the heart of our business

Assistance Dogs

We extend a warm welcome not just to two-legged travellers, but furry ones too! We’ve even been privileged to host dedicated assistance dogs, making holidays accessible for everyone. You can read more about Willow and her owner here, on their trip to Mill Meadow. https://millmeadow.co.uk/the-wonderful-willow/ 

Here was their feedback about Lauren and Willow’s stay with us:

“Whilst staying at Mill Meadow Willow has worked less than normal so she has a holiday too but she is still alert to Lauren’s needs. She has been able to carry out all her services in the cabin with no problem due to the space available to her in the lounge, bathroom and bedroom.”

The Wider Team

We don’t just work to make Mill Meadow accessible to everyone. We make sure we are an equal opportunities business. Our travel SEO consultant Laura is registered deaf, and is also a wheelchair/mobility aid user. Here is what she had to say about working with us:

“I have loved working with Chris and Suzanne since we first got in contact. I can see their genuine commitment to making Mill Meadow inclusive and accessible to everyone. They constantly work to improve what they can offer and are always adding and learning. They are a brilliant team.”

Travel Should be for Everyone

By prioritising accessibility, at Mill Meadow we are opening doors (literally and figuratively) for a wider range of guests.  Our commitment to inclusive design paves the way for a more fulfilling travel experience for all.  So next time you’re planning a trip, remember – accessible accommodations aren’t just a nicety, they’re an essential part of creating a welcoming and inclusive travel industry.

Start planning your accessible adventure at Mill Meadow today!

If you have any questions about specific access or accessibility features at Mill Meadow, our guest liaison Suzanne is more than happy to advise. We can advise you even before you book. 

Get in contact on 07779 651 911 and we will do our best to make sure your trip to Taunton is an unforgettable one.