25 Mar 2020

25.3.20 Covid 19 Update – We are open for key workers and designated others

Good morning,

I hope you are all managing to stay safe and well and at home and for anyone experiencing the virus we wish you a speedy recovery.

I must thank our guests for their cooperation and understanding as we work though those affected to get them rebooked.

I also have to say a special thank you to our staff and suppliers who continue to work hard to support Mill Meadow.

There has been a good deal from HMgov in the last 24 hours and I have to say given the circumstances we all find ourselves in I have been impressed and reassured by the volume and detail of the guidance issued.

For Mill Meadow we have now some real clarity on how we can operate under the current restrictions and have summarised this below.

In short we are able to offer accommodation to specific groups in need so if you know anyone who falls within the guidance please put them in touch and we will try to help.

It’s a challenging time for everyone but together we can #beatcovid19.

Stay safe and well!

Chris Heayns

General Manager


Guidance and advice for those providing hotel and other accommodation in the UK.

Businesses providing holiday accommodation (including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, campsites, caravan parks, boarding houses and short term lets) should now take steps to close for commercial use as quickly as is safely possible.

Full consideration should be given to the possible exclusions for residents that should be allowed to remain. Any decision to close should be implemented in full compliance with the social distancing guidelines.

What the exclusions mean

Hotels and other accommodation providers should be able to remain open if:

  • They are part of the response to support key workers or vulnerable groups.
  • There is a specific need for some or all of the site to remain open (for example they are housing people who have been flooded out of their homes, being used by public services to provide emergency accommodation or are not able to return to their primary residence).
  • If businesses are providing rooms to support homeless people, through arrangements with local authorities and other public bodies, they should remain open.
  • If a holiday park or caravan park is your primary residence you can remain on site.

Guidance for families in temporary accommodation or B&Bs

If the temporary accommodation is currently the family’s primary residence, they can remain.

People staying in accommodation that have symptoms of Covid-19

If anyone is displaying signs of the Covid-19 virus (cough, fever), they should not be using public transport. If they are not symptomatic but they need to return to where they live, then using public transport is ok. When using public transport people should try to adhere to the simple social distancing principles of being two metres apart.

Read further guidance for non-essential travel during the coronavirus pandemic

Hotels, hostels, B&Bs, campsites and boarding houses for commercial useWhere people live in these as interim abodes whilst their primary residence is unavailable they may continue to do so.
Key workers, permanent residents, and non-UK residents who are unable to travel to their country of residence during this period can continue to stay in hotels or similar where required.
People who are unable to move into a new home due to the current restrictions can also stay at hotels.
Where hotels, hostels, and B&Bs are providing rooms to support homeless and other vulnerable people such as those who cannot safely stay in their home, through arrangements with local authorities and other public bodies, they may remain open.
Hotels are allowed to host blood donation sessions.