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Green Policy

We have a firm and evolving commitment to maintain and improve the “Green Ethos” of Mill Meadow.

Our core policy objectives are achieved through a range of evolving actions such as:

1. Conserve resources and reduce waste

Our eco lodges have achieved the “Excellent” Eco Homes Standard rating, analysed across a range of criteria, from materials to transportation.

High levels of insulation, low energy lighting, energy efficient electrical appliances and ground/air source heat pump technology combine to make our eco homes highly energy efficient. Our newer lodges also benefit from solar PV, solar hot water and ventilation and heat recovery systems.

Low flow taps and dual flush toilets, using harvested rainwater, combine to minimise mains water consumption. Laundry is dried outside whenever possible to minimise the use of tumble dryers.

Guests are encouraged to recycle and we verify this process before disposing of any waste.

This gives our homes a Carbon Neutral impact and we continue to improve by conducting reviews and exploring improved technologies and practices.

2. Reduce costs through staff awareness

Our staff are aware of “Green Practices” and encouraged to contribute to the evolving process through regular feedback sessions.

3. Fulfil customer’s expectation that businesses look after the environment

Guests are increasingly aware of, and sensitive to, the environmental impact of their visits.

There is an increasing drive amongst the public towards “Green Destinations” as a first choice.

Guest feedback indicates an appreciation of the achievements of Mill Meadow and a clear tendency towards choice being influenced by our eco credentials and policies.

4. Attract new customers

We have a strong commitment to raising the eco profile of Mill Meadow as this is clearly attracting new guests.

Selective marketing on “Green” web sites and within specific “Green” sections is achieving the desired affect.

Guests come from leisure and business tourism sectors from the UK and overseas. 

5. Offer business customers green accommodation

Businesses are becoming increasingly sensitive to public perception on how green they really are.

Our business tariff provides a competitive “Green” alternative to traditional accommodation providers. This provides businesses with an opportunity to demonstrate a clear commitment to the environment.

We have welcomed business guests from a range of companies, from the UK and overseas.

6. Improve our public image

Our Green Ethos has had a positive impact on our public image and is a unique selling point for our accommodation, and the guest experience at Mill Meadow.

7. Improve the customer experience

We are committed to providing our guests with a high quality experience with a low environmental impact, allowing them to enjoy their holiday with a clear carbon conscience.

We also want to bring our guests closer to the beautiful countryside around us and to experience the wide range of landscape, flora and fauna that is on offer.

8. Improve the quality of the service we provide

High levels of concierge service, on a range of traditional and challenging activities, provide real opportunities to experience the environment without negative impact.

9. Benefit & support the local community & economy

With our “Stay Local, Eat Local, Buy Local, See Local” emphasis, guests are guided towards local service providers, destinations and suppliers, through our close working relationships with the local community. We aim to use local goods and services.

10. Reduce congestion and pollution

We actively promote Car Free Holidays and operate a courtesy transport link to public transport hubs.

There is also a good network of public transport available from Mill Meadow to access Taunton Town Centre.

11. Enhance the natural environment

The change from the site’s previous use has been remarkable.

Commercial greenhouses, poly tunnels and growing areas have been replaced with native landscaping, habitat, bird/bat boxes and badger runs.

We have a clear plan to manage the extensive designated wildlife areas throughout the site. Every creature can now also be a guest at Mill Meadow.

12. Improve customer awareness of “Green Issues”

In raising the profile of Green Issues, we are providing guests with information that will allow them to recognise that our accommodation offers a eco friendly solution to their green holiday needs.

Guests also leave with a greater knowledge of the practical steps they can take to contribute to the protection of the environment.



We are committed to the evolution of our eco credentials and have an objective to achieve off grid accommodation.

This policy will be subject to continuing review to maintain relevance with green issues and technologies.

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