15 Jul 2023

Little Grebe, our latest arrival!

The events of recent years have seen many “projects” started and finally we have finished ours (thanks to Suzanne’s reminders!!!)
Little Grebe is our lakeside “escape room” not one that you try to get out of but one you can escape to for some peace and tranquility. This quiet space is available for many uses including, reading, painting, crafting, yoga and similar activities and of course pampering.
Built from scratch using largely up-cycled materials and in consultation with our visiting therapist Elaine we think we have created a wonderful space to escape the rest of your group and treat yourself without leaving Mill Meadow even if just for a short while.
We are delighted with the result and the first users have given us some lovely feedback.
Little Grebe is free to use but we do ask that you check with us first to make sure its available.
For more on Little Grebe please visit our designated web page